Like most business people I know, I’ve read my share of books over the years on the subject of negotiating. And like most, I’ve learned my most valuable lessons from direct experience.

A lot of books on negotiation stress tricks and tactics. They make the claim that you need to…

How Seattle area tenants can make the most out of the 2021–22 office market

Without a doubt 2021 will be a year of “price discovery” as the previously overheated Seattle area office leasing market cools off. You can expect to see rents drop as the spread between sublease and direct…

How Puget Sound area office tenants can ink the best lease in more than a decade

Tenants with insight into the market, who effectively time their decisions, and competitively leverage the Seattle office market will be rewarded with the best office lease in over a decade.

The Covid-19 pandemic has…

BUYER BEWARE when hiring a tenant’s office broker in the coming Covid-19 recovery

Recently, Ive had several clients tell me how amazed they are at the sheer increase of solicitations they get from so called “tenant’s brokers” (A tenant’s broker by definition only represents tenants and never landlords). When I…

Fathers Day weekend was shaping up to be a great time. My son was graduating college and we had booked a beautiful ocean view room in trendy hotel near his college to attend commencement. The weather was gorgeous and our hotel on Bellingham Bay was lovely. We enjoyed catching up…

In this moment I see face of the moon that I saw as a child,

I feel awe in the vastness of time and space,

I yearn for a God to love me,

I weep for loss,

I rejoice love,

In this moment I find eternity,

And know that I have but one choice,

Fear or Love,

In this moment, I choose love.

We begin looking with a puzzled mind,

We KNOW that we KNOW the answer, but we just can’t recall it,

We laboriously search our memory for clues… then a it comes to us!

We have cleverly deduced the most logical answer!

We confidently go to that spot where we know…

I remember when as a young man I was faced with sheer survival in a situation that felt like life or death. I was pushed to both my physical and mental limits. The situation was so desperate and palpable that I needed nothing less than my full 100% effort. …

When a loved one departs, they take with them a living artifact from our story.

The tales we once shared now have only a lone narrator. We are alone in our memory

With their departure our loved ones remove the living proof of the times that we had together.

They can no longer bear witness to the memories from where we stake meaning.

Those pieces of our perimeter are now forever submerged.

Our observance now lives in solitude.

Our beloved’s departure casts a veil of seclusion over vibrant memories that now dims the outer celebration of our life and time together.

But their absence in form also calls forth a fathomless recognition that more profoundly transverses our inner landscape.

They now more deeply embrace our soul.

Eric Postle

Expert in Commercial Real Estate, Novice in Life

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